Americas 1st Choice is all about the homeowner.  We provide superior customer service, flat rate pricing, the most reasonable local pricing by an actual licensed contractor and a
Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back Policy."

97% of the plumbing contractors go after the 20% of the homeowner's that can afford a $2000 water heater.  The other 80% of the homeowner's are trying to Do it themselves or hiring a plumbing technician to install the product "On the Side".

So what happens when it's not installed properly?

What happens when the product itself fails?

If your home floods due to improper installation?  Your homeowner's insurance doesn't cover it.  But with Americas 1st Choice, we carry $2M in General Liability Insurance, Workman's Comp and Commercial Auto.  So you're covered.

If your water heater fails?  That guy you asked to put it in is working elsewhere and he isn't allowed to do side work any longer, not answering the phone or has moved away to another city.

Stop using your buddy's friend and start using a professional at your buddy's friends pricing!

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